What kind of Site Audit is right for your online business?

There are a variety of audits. The most common types of website audits related to SEO are:

  • Site Health Audits: Assessing general site health or when there is a sudden downturn in site traffic due to a Google update.
  • Red Flag Audits: Assessing a site for potential penalty issues. As part of the site health audit we review if your site may or may not be effected by penalties from Google.
  •  Competitive Site Audits: By reviewing the gaps in your competitors sites we can find golden opportunities for growth that can be applied to your site that can contribute to your growth. The aim here, is not to copy your competitors but to find gaps in their strategy to exploit for your site.
  • Negative SEO or Attacked Site Audits: Online reputation management is a growing concern for online business owners whereby competitors are using negative reviews and other tactics to attack your credibility online. By auditing all of your indexed pages online we can look for this competitor behavior and deal with promptly and effectively to keep it out of the visibility of your prospects online.
  • Penalty and Recovery Audits: If we find out that after reviewing your site that you are under a penalty we can take a variety of actions to recover the lost traffic to your site by removing bad quality links from your site through a detoxification process.
  • Security Audits: Security audits are intended to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities to accessing your site through attempted phishing efforts, hacking attempts and brute force attacks. We apply a variety of methods to lock down your site and make it as secure as possible.

How a site audit will benefit you before you start any campaign or site redesign?

A site audit can help you avoid carrying forward technical and weak link profiles to your site that can prevent your site from being properly indexed in the search engines which can lead to a more successful user experience and a profitable website. By starting your site foundation off on the right foot you prevent problems from cropping up when you least expect them.

How much does a site audit cost?

The cost can vary depending on the complexity and requirements needed. A site health report usually starts at $750 and can go up from there depending on what is found and what requires fixing. What you are really paying for is for someone to go into your site and assess, to analyze and to compile meaning from all that data into something easy for you to understand.

What to expect from your site audit reporting

We have a real expert in auditing review your site not just a screaming frog report.

The report will provide you with the priorities to address in there order of importance with recommended actions.

Here is what we would need from you before the audit begins

We will book a short 30 minute call to go over your site history, problems you may be having presently and SEO efforts.
We usually ask you to give us access to your Analytic's and Google Web master tools to help us with the auditing process.

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