Why you cannot afford to wait for months for a website design?

Many web designers still hand code their websites and there is nothing wrong with this approach except for time and the cost to pay for that time. What if we could deploy your site in less than week so that you are in a profitable position online sooner.

Here is a quote from Ben Hunt a 25 year veteran web designer in the UK;

“Old web design required mastering obscure technology to create and to publish websites by hand. Today, the technology has become so much more advanced, faster, easier, and cheaper to use that the old web design is practically extinct.”

“Instead of mourning the loss of the old crafts, today's successful web designers are taking a more strategic approach. They ride every wave of the online publishing revolution, delivering bigger and better campaigns, faster and cheaper than was ever possible before. These strategic web professionals will inherit the world wide web.”

We need web design that can be rapidly deployed and work on all mobile devices in some cases hours or a few days not a few months. These websites need to guide visitors to decisions in seconds without trolling through page after page to find the information they need to make a purchase or in list a service.

How responsive web design and flexible content builders are leveling the play field in web design

With theme building software like thrive themes and its content builder we can create 1000’s of variations of a web page to address all needs from lead generation, landing pages to ecommerce sites all through one platform and the wordpress content management system and because the under lining code is optimized the site will always load quickly on any device.

Owners do not have to rely on web designers to add content and images to their sites. This solution empowers site owners to make easy changes after the designer has created the overall site.

How this will save you money in the long term

By getting your site deployed more rapidly with the right content targeted to just the right customers wherever they may be online or on a mobile device you are broadening your reach and increasing your chances of reaching your customers and making more sales sooner. If you have to wait 3 months for your website design to be finished then you are losing sales to your competitors.

What are your next steps?

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