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Market Research and Strategic Planning

Why do we need market research & strategic planning we're just a small business?

Most business owners say that they really understand their business and that no one knows better. So they make quick decisions about engaging the services of a web designer and have their web site designed without understanding what their true business objectives are for their website and how it will be used to meet business goals. 

So now they have spent an initial investment to build a shiny new designed website without fully understanding what the user experience should be for the website. They haven't considered how to promote it to the right target audience which may include different functions than offline.

Will their site include methods for ordering and contacting the business or educating people about their services and products? Should they try and publish fresh information about their business or market ?

Will their site work properly on mobile devices and tablets which now make up a majority of potential customers. Have they done proper competitors analysis to see which search terms they are targeting and checked if those keywords are worth targeting?

It is critical to do proper market research and plan all website strategies prior to building a site or prior to going forward with an existing website. This type of informational research should be done prior to building a new site, but also periodically in order to find new valuable insights into a market.

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How we can help you to start on the right foot even if you have stumbled along the way?

We work with you to develop a complete understanding of your brand identity and your target audience, with the goal of offering your products and services to those who are already looking for exactly what you offer. We also help recommend things you may not be offering when appropriate.

Based on the insights and data we collect our experts create a site that will be aligned with your business and brand objectives online.

You know your industry and Lead Smiths knows the digital world. Together we will create an online presence for the future using the best sites and channels where your prospects are searching for you. We do this while always keeping the return on investment in mind. Lead Smiths experts immerse themselves in the reality of the target industry, its challenges, its structure and its business vision.

Moreover, our proven expertise in digital marketing ensures delivery of performance from our methods. Here are some of the most important marketing research considerations we bake into our services:

Strategic Planning Services:

  • Planning of main objectives
  • Reviewing the numbers and ROI goals
  • Setting priorities with communications needs
  • Defining your online tactical plan

Responsive Web Design & Web Strategy

  • Market keyword site architecture blueprinting
  • Responsive and attractive site design for all devices
  • UX and UI Considerations (User Experience & User Interface)
  • Lead capture purpose, method and location considerations
  • Learn more about responsive web design & strategy

Content Strategy & Link Building

  • Content auditing
  • Defining content categories and platforms
  • Copy writing
  • External site links for ranking, traffic and authority
  • External site links for geographic location, relevance and click through rate
  • Learn more about local seo

Conversion Strategy

  • Using keyword targeted traffic to properly framed content
  • Analytics, split testing, and call tracking as options
  • Keywords from traffic, competition and tools as ongoing content conversion
  • Learn more about conversion rate optimization
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