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Conversion Rate Optimization - Use It

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Conversion Rate Optimization

(CRO) is the process of improving or increasing the percentage of website visitors who take a specific action known as a conversion. A conversion or action can be a visitor who signs up to an email list, calls a phone number, downloads a digital file or ebook or even clicks on an ad. A conversion is also often known as a lead. A lead can then be used to make a sale of some kind, but can also be used for other purposes. In simplest terms conversion optimization is increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the defined action which is the purpose of a given web page.

How CRO Works

What Is CRO Cog

Conversion rate can be improved by using many various methods which include: web analytics, split testing your site to improve the performance of your website. Conversion improvements can be done to improve any metric on your website that’s important to your business-we often call them key performance indicators (KPIs). In simple terms it is a methodology to acquiring new customers, registrations, downloads, etc. By increasing the percentage of website visitors who experience the “Resolution to their pain” by simply finding what they are looking for on your site.

CRO allows us to dial in on what users are looking for when they arrive at your site and then giving that to them. Conversion optimization services take many different forms, based on the KPI you’re trying to improve. Sometimes this involves making your call-to-action more apparent or placing it on a traffic-heavy (but under-optimized) page. At other times this means removing or relocating unnecessarily complicated or time-consuming steps from your conversion funnel, as the added friction can prevent a conversion from ever happening.

Why should you care?

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Firstly, you are most likely paying for traffic to your site in one form or another, and a high conversion rate means a more profitable online business. In many cases, its more cost-effective to convert a higher percentage of the visitors you already have than to attract more visitors. In a world of short attention spans any edge you can get to improve conversions and make it easier for people to buy your services or products the better.

Reducing Bounce Rate is the objective of your web pages!

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Red = Bounce Rate Up Green = Bounce Rate Down

Bounce Rate - What is it?

Google Says:

"A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.

Bounce rate is single-page sessions divided by all sessions, or the percentage of all sessions on your site in which users viewed only a single page and triggered only a single request to the Analytics server.

These single-page sessions have a session duration of 0 seconds since there are no subsequent hits after the first one that would let Analytics calculate the length of the session."

 How Do You Lower Your Page Bounce Rate?

It’s important to understand conversion improvements are about getting more of the right kind of traffic—not just blindly moving objects or changing colors in the hope it will improve conversion of a given page or campaign. If the traffic you are targeting does not fit the conversion you want them to take then you are trying to push a very large rock up the hill. It’s important to keep the focus on improvements that find more customers who will love your product and help you grow by spreading the word. Everything else is a waste of your time and resources.

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Lead Smiths Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

  • Finding Proper Keyword Search Terms (Conversion Potential Words)
  • Finding the Highest Converting Traffic Sources and ROI for Your Market
  • Creating a Simple UX or User Experience with a Conversion Goal on each Page in Mind
  • Using Analytics and Optimization Software to Track Visitor Interactions and Test Conversion Factors

We start with the best potential visitors who are most prone to make purchases based on what they are looking for, how they are looking for it, and user demographics. Only then do we begin testing variations for improving conversion. Many conversion rate optimization consultants start testing methods for increasing sales and leads before they even know who their visitors are and their behavior.

Conversion Optimization is included with every service we offer at no cost. We provide conversion best practices in everything we do. This includes custom web analytics, conversion tracking and call tracking. What if you have something that is already working and just want to improve it? We offer affordable conversion testing and custom landing pages.

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