Learning to Generate Real Leads

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Scott Holden - Owner

When Google came online, I started paying attention to internet marketers and began to study a handful of successful internet marketers. I saw that what they were saying was do-able, but I kept hitting the same roadblock. I understood what they told me to do, but I couldn’t do it! There were a couple reasons that happened to me, and why it seems to happen to everybody who wants to get into internet marketing. First, there’s a technological barrier. If you don’t know how to do web design, if you don’t understand programming, then you’re at a disadvantage. You’re stuck. You either have money to hire somebody to do that for you, or you begin on your own journey of learning how to do it all.

People think internet marketing is the same as “brick and mortar” business. It is, in a lot of ways, but the real difference I saw was, it’s not as easy. It’s actually quite a bit harder. First of all off-line your business can succeed purely by the location of your building. You have a demographically targeted market in a specific location. Your competition is easily definable. Online your competition is the whole world so you have to find a niche and ways to bring internet surfers to your business site. To market on the internet, you must be able to program. You have to design and create lead capture pages. You have to learn how to run different tools. Anybody can learn to use an auto responder, but there is time involved, a learning curve. You have to become a good copywriter. You need to learn a lot about direct marketing, how it works. So it’s interdisciplinary and It’s overwhelming.

My Invention Changes The Online Mortgage Business

So I told my client, “Let me see if I can generate leads for you. Maybe I can come up with a new capture system, something totally innovative, then drive pay-per-click and other types of media to it. Would you be interested?” He said, “Sure, you can take a crack at it. Who are you again?” He was pretty skeptical of me. He was dealing with Ameriquest and other well-known vendors. I wasn’t in that category. I went to a high-end creative marketing company that did creatives for large corporations. We paid a pretty penny for the design work, and I put together the concept for our new lead capture system. I made a list of what I wanted it to do, what fields we wanted data capture for. It ended up being a unique approach to lead capture, different from anything else out there.

I ended up with a unique online mortgage squeeze-page lead capture system. The site itself looked like a Pepsi machine. Bright and shiny, fun for the user to play with. Big buttons you could push. It looked like a vending machine. The fields already had pre-filled information. Most of the other mortgage leadcapture forms used drop-down menus with a list of all the different ranges. You’d fill out each one. Mine was the same, but the difference was, once I captured the information, they were automatically forwarded to another form that pre-filled the responses they had just entered. So it was a pre-calculation system.

I talked to many people in the mortgage industry and looked at all their lead-capture pages, so I knew what kinds of information we needed. I asked the experts, “Is it possible to pre-qualify people?” What are the legal stipulations?” So we came up with a really cool system. It was kind of like a mortgage calculator, but the difference was, it was built into the lead-capture system. We pre-qualified you for a loan, based on the answers you gave us. What they’d see was something like, “Based on what you’ve told us, you qualify for a loan of …” then we had to put little disclaimers on the bottom. (A LOT of legal) So the user ended up with a pre-qual form which they could submit to a lender of their choice. We’d give them a list of the vendors we suggested and they would immediately get a phone call from the lender, or they could specify when to call.

It was a neat integrated system, done in a way that was very enticing for the user. It worked because I talked to so many people about what they liked about the capture systems and what they didn’t like. We also threw in a bit of personalization, so that when they selected their lender, the form would populate the lender information to say, “Mr. Smith, Ajax Mortgage will be calling you by 7pm Wednesday.” It was more of a warm lead. They were pre-qualified unlike other systems around at that time.

Today, most systems use that model. Back then, it was the first of its kind. Today our team has perfected both paid and normal search engine optimization traffic. We have also added much deeper market insights as well as combined awesome conversion optimization systems to the mix... So you could say we have everything a company needs to succeed online.

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