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Strategic Planning and Consulting

Why do we need strategic planning we're just a small business?

Most business owners say that they really understand their business and that know one knows better. So they make quick decisions about engaging the services of a web designer and get there web site done without understanding what there true business objectives are for the website and how it fits into there business goals. 

So now you have spent what seems like a small fortune to get a shiny new designed website​ up without fully understanding what the user experience will be for the website and how to promote it to the right target audience which may not be the same people as offline.

Will the site work properly on mobile devices and tablets which now make up 65% of your online potential customers. Have you left them out with your website?

How we can help you to start on the right foot even if you have stumbled along the way?​

We work with you to develop a complete understanding of your brand identity , its ecosystem and its target audience with the goal of developing strategies that will resonate with your prospective customers. Based on the insights and data we collect with our methodology, our experts in creative, strategic and technology will develop a customer journey map that will be aligned with your business and brand objectives online.

The client knows his or her industry and Leadsmith’s knows the digital world. Together they define an online vision for the future from a multi-channel perspective, always keeping the return on investment in mind. Leadsmith’s experts immerse themselves in the reality of the target industry, its challenges, its structure and its business vision.

Moreover, our proven expertise in digital marketing insures delivery of performance from our methods.

Strategic Planning Services:

· Planning of main objectives

· Reviewing the numbers and ROI goals

· Setting priorities with communications needs

· Defining your online tactical plan

Direct and relationship Marketing

· Customer Relationship Management

· Automated marketing and segmentation

Web Strategy

· Mapping digital ecosystems

· Strategic recommendations on positioning and the digital experience

· Defining an online persona: tone, personality, language

· Defining functionality, wireframe, and main content

· Identification of key performance indicators

· Gamification

Social Media

· Mapping influencers and methodology

· Creating ,designing and implementing social profiles

· Defining social media management strategy (policy, directives, processes, resources)

Content Strategy

· Defining themes and content format by platform

· Content Auditing

· Copy writing

· Editorial Calendar development

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