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The 5 Cogs of Your Company’s Online Presence

​SEO Website Audit

​Fix problems which are keeping people from finding the right pages on your website, and keep them on your site long enough to convert into leads and sales

  • Site Speed Test
  • Site Security
  • Link Toxicity
  • ​Penalty Auditing
  • ​Code Auditing
  • Link Profiles
  • ​Broken Links
  • Duplicate Content
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​Market Research Services and Marketing Strategy

Identify all potential groups of people ready to buy what you offer, and budget the correct amount on each target group and create realistic ROI time frames

  • 360 Review
  • Competitor Research
  • ​Market Research
  • ​Market Knowledge
  • ​Media Selection
  • ​Strategic Plan
  • ​Budget Allocation
  • ​ROI Expectations
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Responsive Web Design

Have your web site seen in proper dimension and size by any visitor, regardless of the device they use to arrive at your site​

  • ​UX Design
  • Responsive
  • ​Semantic Markup
  • ​Content Optimization
  • ​Code Optimization
  • ​CRO Concepts
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​SEO Services and Website Promotion

Send the right people to your website. Leadsmiths SEO Services Denver uses multiple site promotion methods

  • ​Local SEO
  • ​Google Maps
  • ​RSS Content
  • ​Paid Ads Pay Per Call
  • Social Site Optimization
  • ​Video Marketing
  • ​Learn More…

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn more site visitors into buying clients and customers. Use UX site design, conversion testing and web analytic properly

  • ​Web Analytics
  • ​Conversion Tracking
  • ​Remarketing & Retargeting
  • ​Conversion Testing
  • ​Call Tracking
  • ​GEO IP Landing Pages
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Leadsmiths Increases Your Website Traffic – Recent Client Traffic Hits 4k Visitors Per Month

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SEO Denver Client Traffic

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What Is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization is working to increase the visibility of a website organically (without paid advertising) in search engine result pages (SERPs). This is accomplished through a series of tasks involving: On Site Optimization, SEO Content Creation and Building SEO Backlinks.

A profitable SEO campaign uses both on-site and off-site content including images, articles, videos and other forms of media which incorporate relevant keywords and markup syntax in the proper places causing search engine algorithms to index and rank pages on a website. On site SEO refers to elements on a website which make up a web page, such as HTML code, metadata, and images.

Off Site SEO optimization refers to SEO backlinks (links pointing to the site being optimized, from other authoritative websites).

To put that in plain English, “good SEO” makes your website show up somewhere on the first page of various search engines like Google, and preferably near the top of the first page.

Why You Need Social SEO

Social SEO

  • Website Traffic – Visitors from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Google My Business and others are invaluable to adding trust, relevancy and authority signals to your website. Website traffic in general helps your site to rank more easily in search engines like Google.
  • ​Social Backlinks – These are votes for your website from trusted, authoritative, high ranking social websites and when done properly can actually boost your site authority and trust signals in SERPS (search engine ranking pages).
  • Social Shares, Citations and Reviews – Anytime someone shares or reviews your business content or products and services it is a trust vote which passes both relevance and authority to a small degree in Google. These shares and reviews can help build up rankings in Google. The same is true for citations which count as valued backlinks or votes for your site.

Why a Denver SEO?

SEO Marketing

​Leadsmiths – A Denver Colorado SEO Company

  • We Help Local Small to Mid Sized Companies to Thrive so We Thrive
  • We Take Business Personally and Consider Your Business a Priority
  • We Do Not Make You Sign Long Term Contracts – We Deliver Results
  • ​We Know – If We Continuously Bring You Business You Won’t Want to Leave
  • We Believe In: Honesty, Open Communication and Relationships that Last

Leadsmiths Services  – The 5 Phases

SEO Marketing Hammer

  • On Site/ Off Site Audits – This is the starting point if you have an existing website. We find all needed On site optimizations, coding issues and page speed issues. Off site we check if existing social media and local citation listings consistently promote your business the way it should be presented. We check if your site has any existing penalties or toxic links pointing to it that are hurting you. Repair your site for top performance!​​​​
  • Market Research Services and Marketing Strategy – Step one for a new website, and without it you are flying blind. We research your competitors and adopt things which are working. We build a map of the best keyword queries for your business prospects and sales. We find other means of advertising suitable to your business in addition to SEO. There are faster ways to drive traffic, but SEO is often the best value. Set your goals and achieve them!​​​
  • UX Responsive Web Design – Alter your existing site or build a brand new one with user experience and responsive design in mind. User experience is just a way to say, “making things clear and interesting for the site visitor”. Is your site clear in purpose to a visitor? Does it lead them to do what you want? Is you site responsive and show up clean and clear in all devices for site visitors? We make sure both are in place. Build a site that competes!
  • Search Engine Optimization Services and Website Promotion – Onsite optimization includes: proper internal link structures, keyword optimized urls, proper meta data and semantic markup on each page, and mixed media content relevant to your business. We help you build local reviews and citations as well as social shares on your web content. We publish relevant on and off site content on a constant basis. Then we syndicate all content to authoritative web properties to give your site the boosting it needs. Next we rank you in Google Maps for all major keywords in your market. Next we employ a number of seriously powerful methods to boost every important keyword on your site into ranking status. Finally before the organic traffic begins to grow, we target other methods which will help you in the interim. Now let the traffic pour in!
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Considering everything we do has conversion rate in mind, why even use CRO methods? Why not Increase conversions to the maximum with CRO? We employ several systems to help us do this including: Customized Google  Analytics, A/B Split Testing Software, Call Tracking and GEO IP Content. Watch the leads roll in!

Leadsmiths Denver SEO Services… Driving and Converting Visitors Into Sales!